Sometimes you have success in a given day, 68%, sometimes 50% and sometimes even just 35%. Every day you are doing otherwise. But the reality is that if you can maintain long-term success of at least 55%, you’ll earn. More precisely – you will earn quite a lot. And making money is the primary goal bettors do not you?

Some punters at the thought of a 55% success spit, however clever punters know that if every week made a profit of 5% during the season could earn a lot of money. How much exactly?

What about three times the initial investment?

Say your starting bankroll is $500 (CZK 10 000) and always earn 5%. For the first week so you earned $25. Next week it was already $26.25 a week straight after $27.5. For the year so you might as well earn some $1,500 (CZK 30 000). All this with an initial investment of $500 (10 000 CZK). This is a decent, right?

Let’s for a moment put aside 5% of your money and count to 5% of your betting units. If you bet 10 units every two days, you get one new unit. For the year so you earn somewhere between $1,500 and $2,000! Not only that, it sounds good – it sounds too realistic!

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What specifically do you need?

Of course, it’s not so simple. To achieve punters return of 5%, must do several things. Firstly, it must diversify. In other words, they should bet on more than one sport or one league. Thanks to this procedure will improve, as they will face diverse situations and also be able to choose from a number of betting opportunities offering good value.

That does not mean you suddenly start betting on ten different sports, neither of which you know nothing. It means that you should try gradually to expand its sphere of interest. Information about betting on various sports in the section by sports betting.

To get 5% a day, every day you will have to bet 10 to 15 betting units and at the same time you have to understand that sometimes you encounter a bad day when you do not succeed, and sometimes experience a great day in which they will everything he touches. Neither professional punters not avoid these fluctuations.

If you want to win consistently, you have to get out of bad situations, when your only consistency is that they lose. We use this example our article How to stop a bad bet series? Generally, you should not start panicking and certainly should not increase the size of your bets in an attempt to catch up. This is perhaps the worst thing in this situation can do.

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